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It’s All About The User Experience

Your website is your shop front so once it gets found by customers you need them to sit up and take notice.

Websites that are visually unappealing, or that cause customers to have to think too hard about what they have to do, or that do not work the way they should will cost you customers. Not only that, but many web users now access sites via mobile and when websites are not compatible by mobile they simply click away.

We have built hundreds of websites for satisfied customers over the years. User friendly and visual appeal are the principles of our website development process. You want a website where customers can easily find what they want, and our websites are designed to be easily navigable to increase your chance of closing the deal. Of course, because our core competence is search engine optimization all of our websites are also built with SEO in mind, so you have the best chances of your website getting found.

With this service, our talented designers take into account branding, business type and industry to produce optimal designs that are consistent with what you do. Meanwhile, our expert coders develop the backend code that makes it all work, based on industry standards. You just sit back and tell us what you need.

We Listen To Your Needs

we listen to your goals so that we can better understand the needs that you have of your website. Your goal could be to sell products directly or it could be to attract attention to your business location and get people to come by.

Once goals are established we will then work with you to define what you need your website to do technically. Web technology has advanced tremendously and there are lots of options. Together we will review different functions and assess what will work best for you. We will work together to devise technical specifications that meet your needs and that will with your budget. As we progress we will agree timeframes and reporting so you know what to expect during the whole process.

The development process includes creating a winning design that is combined with efficient backend coding that makes it all work the way it should. We will put in place checkpoints along the way to review progress and we’ll also provide training on the final product.

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